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Commonly Asked "Snuggle Me" Questions!
OK, so what is a Snuggle Me Cushion?

The Snuggle Me Cushion was designed to meet an infant’s need to feel secure and a mother’s need to know her baby is safe and comfortable.
When an infant is laid on top of the cushion, the sides gently pull in to hug them, making them feel as if they are still being held or touched. This comforts an infant and ultimately makes them more content when mom does need to lay them down.
This design also helps prevent an infant from rolling or turning, easing mom’s mind and giving her the confidence to take care of herself postpartum.

How will this help me as a new mom?

Mom needs to be able to care for herself as well as her new baby postpartum. It is easier to do so if she feels confident that her infant is safe and comfortable.
The Snuggle Me Cushion can help keep baby content when mom needs attention.
The Snuggle Me Cushion also provides mom a portable spot for baby. The cushion can easily be toted around the house or taken when visiting friends or family. And since the cushion feels and smells like home, baby will be content no matter where they are.
How will this help my baby?

Babies spend 9 months tucked securely in their mother’s womb. After they are born, they are comforted by things that remind them of that secure place.
The Snuggle Me Cushion provides a comforting and familiar hug that helps babies stay content when a caregiver needs to lay them down. This allows babies to get the rest they need during this very critical developmental period.
Will this help make the transition into motherhood easier?
When a mother knows her baby is content, she feels less stress and is more relaxed. She then recovers faster and becomes more confident in herself as a mother. Studies show that a relaxed mom and a content baby sets the stage for healthy attachment and bonding.
These positive conditions build on each other so mom and baby can thrive, confident and secure in their new world.
... and the circle continues.

Pregnancy and birth can take a lot out of a mom so every little bit helps.
As mom recovers the Snuggle Me Cushion remains a tool she can use. She
can easily keep her baby with her as she sees to her own needs and the
needs of the rest of the family.
Can the Snuggle Me Cushion be used as a co-sleeper?

Yes. The Snuggle Me Cushion makes the perfect co-sleeper! 

Dr. Roy Steinbock, MD said this about using the Snuggle Me Cushion as a co-sleeper:

"I have found that the Snuggle Me is a good product for parents who co-sleep with their infants. The cushion puts a firm barrier between the parent and infant, hopefully reducing the risk that the adult will roll onto the infant."
What about the Snuggle Me Cushion and SIDS?

First, as a general rule, we recommend that an infant always be attended in the cushion, asleep or awake. Here are the SIDS guidelines that may apply to the Snuggle Me Cushion.
1) Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.
The Snuggle Me Cushion's patent-pending center sling design keeps baby safely positioned on their backs. Because of its design, the cushion also keeps baby’s back and airway straight and aligned.
2) Place your baby on a firm sleep surface.
The Snuggle Me Cushion has no padding in its center sling. This means that its surface is no firmer or softer than the surface it's placed on. Do not place the Snuggle Me Cushion on soft blankets or pillows when a baby is sleeping.
3) Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby's sleep area.
When an infant is fully in the center of the Snuggle Me Cushion, you can see their full profile from either side. Also, the infant's shoulders position the sides of the cushion away from the infant's face. Finally, the cushion's sides are firm enough that if an infant were to turn into it, the sides would not form to the infant's nose/face.
4) Keep your baby's sleep area close to, but separate from, where you and others sleep.
Co-sleeping is a highly debated subject. One side says having baby in bed increases the risk of SIDS and the other side says the opposite. If a parent chooses to sleep with their baby in the bed with them, the Snuggle Me Cushion will provide a firm barrier between the parents and the infant. It will also keep baby safely positioned on their back. Ultimately, it will make co-sleeping with baby a safer decision.
Will my baby have a hard time sleeping on their own once I stop using the Snuggle Me Cushion?

As with all transitions, sleeping without the cushion may take a little time.
The good thing about the cushion is that there won't be a single moment in time where it all of a sudden it can’t be used. As with all "comfort items" (blankies, nuks, cribs, etc.), we suggest either letting baby wean themselves off the cushion, or choose an age you would like to see them sleeping on their own and work towards that date.
Every baby is different-some handle transitions better than others!

The Snuggle Me Cushion was actually designed around a seven month old baby!
For the older babies, pull their heads up to the edge of the cushion and allow their legs to drape over the other end. Their butt and torso will fill the center sling area.
For little babies, their entire body will fit inside this area.
Since this is a cushion and cannot break, there isn’t a weight limit.
We suggest using the cushion until you baby gives you signs that they do not want to be in it anymore or when you feel the time has come for them to be without it.
Up to what age can I use the Snuggle Me Cushion? Is there a weight limit?

A few days old!
2 years old!
What is the Snuggle Me Cushion made out of?     Is it washable?

The Snuggle Me Cushion is filled with a polyester fiber fill and is covered with 100% cotton twill.
The Snuggle Me Covers are either a polyester fleece or a 100% cotton flannel.
Because of the fiber fill, the cushion is 100% washable. You can wash your cushion and cover on gentle cycles, with mild detergents, and with cool water.
Make sure to dry your cushion on low heat settings to avoid shrinking!

Help your baby feel content and secure in this great big world! A little extra cuddling is great and it might even give mom a couple of extra free minutes.

The cushion offers just the right amount of propping for baby's head and shoulders to keep them comfortable and able to keep an eye on mom and to watch what's going on in the room.

Because of the snuggling effect of the cushion, infants feel secure and are more open to tummy time practice. The cushion also keeps baby’s back properly positioned for healthy back posture.

Babies with acid reflux are more comfortable when their heads are elevated. When baby’s head is pulled up onto the end of the cushion, it will provide gentle elevation. The Snuggle Me Cushion is also flexible so it can be manipulated into positions that work best for each baby.

The Snuggle Me Cushion makes the perfect co-sleeper! The cushion’s center sling keeps baby safely positioned on their back while the cushion’s firm sides provides a firm barrier between a parent and infant.

The Snuggle Me Cushion is great for keeping on the couch for the daily diaper and outfit changes.

The Snuggle Me Cushion is the perfect shape for infant photography! It not only looks great on camera, but helps an infant stay calm and warm during a photo session!
Sponge Baths (or as a bathtime helperl

Babies do not like to be exposed! Because of the “Moro” (startle) reflex in small infants, being unbundled can be scary and somewhat stressful on both baby and parent. Use the Snuggle Me Cushion to keep baby feeling confined during those first few sponge baths or for those in between bath wipe downs.
Also, use the cushion before and after bath time! It’s the perfect place to lay baby while getting them undressed or for drying them off afterwards.

If you are a daycare teacher, the Snuggle Me can help you manage multiple infants in the classroom!
If you are a parent, you can bring your baby’s Snuggle Me for easier transitions between day care and home. It is easier for an infant to be away from mom and dad if they have something familiar with them that also smells like home!

Babies are more content in new surroundings when they have a piece of home with them! Bring your Snuggle Me to grandma's house, on vacations, or to baby's daycare for easier transitions!

Give baby their own space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while keeping them out of the dirt and bugs. Take the cushion outside when playing with older children, gardening, or going to the beach.

The benefits of infant massage are amazing! The Snuggle Me Cushion can aid parents or instructors during an infant massage session. The cushion will:
1)   keep baby warm and off of hard floors.
2)   induce feelings of comfort and security allowing an infant to be more open to infant massage.
3)   provides a barrier between environmental stimulation that can distract an infant.
4)   keep an infant comfortably and securely positioned for each massage stroke.

Having multiples is challenging!
The Snuggle Me Cushion can lend parents a helping hand in the day-to-day care of multiples. Because of the cushion’s snuggling effect, an infant will get the security they need while a parent is caring for other infants.
This is beneficial to both parents and their babies!



Tummy Time

Acid Reflux


Changing Station


Sponge Baths

Day Care



Infant Massage Positioner

What all can I use the Snuggle Me for?
Parents and caregivers have found endless uses for the Snuggle Me Cushion!  Here are just a few of the most popular!
Who is all using the Snuggle Me Cushion?

The Snuggle Me Cushion is loved and used by moms and their babies! But they are not the only ones who love and use it!
Infant massage instructors, day care providers, pediatric chiropractors, pediatricians, midwives, doulas, birth centers, photographers, occupational therapist, and child development educators do as well!
Will using the Snuggle Me Cushion help avoid flat spots on my baby’s head?

It can, but it will depend on what other products you are using besides the Snuggle Me Cushion.
The Snuggle Me cradles baby’s head on a gentle surface, allowing their head to stay in its natural shape. If you only use the Snuggle Me when you lay your baby down, flat spots will most likely not develop!
If you are concerned about flat spots, avoid products that have hard plastic backings, even if they are covered with a soft fabric. Also, make sure baby gets plenty of time off their back.